GREAT Girl = GREAT Life!

What Parents are Saying

“Seeing such a vast improvement in not only my daughter’s golf game, but also in her attitude, commitment and passion for the game has made me a complete believer in Lauren Howe and the GREAT Girls and Golf program.  It is the best investment I have ever made in my daughter’s future.”

Craig Westling

Parent of a GREAT Girl

Coach Nonie with her GREAT girls



Sound fundamentals are a necessary base, but only one of the building blocks needed for success on the golf course. Every point of our instruction is expanded to include the Head • Heart • Game Philosophy.


The 3-D Approach speaks to the art and skill of balancing your inner games of Head (Thinking) and Heart (Feeling) with the physical skills and tools for the Game (Doing). All three affect the Game of Life (Who you are).


We have a pulse on how they learn and what they need. GREAT Girls also provides the girls with an opportunity to socialize and learn in an environment with girls their peers.


As girls mature and grow in golf, age and experience, we will customize our programs to fit their needs. Having the knowledge and experience of an LPGA touring and teaching pro gives us that edge.


The tools and philosophies that we pass on to our GREAT Girls will make them better golfers, and will also help them with whatever life may send their way.

During GREAT Girls and Golf events, girls work at improving all facets of their game and will learn from experts in fitness, nutrition, golf and more. They will come away with a solid golf game, and gain so much more:

  • A GREAT sense of self,
  • Insights into their gifts and talents, and tools to maximize them,
  • A clearer vision of who they are and what they want out of life,
  • A plan for reaching their dreams of playing competitively, getting a college scholarship, or ultimately turning pro
  • The ability to quiet their minds and sharpen their focus
  • The wisdom to consistently make GREAT life and golf choices

We are here to mentor today’s young girl golfers into joyful, proud, strong and successful women who can make a difference in the world by stepping into their personal GREATness!

We are about the journey to excellence—in golf, and in life—Champions for Life!

Coach Nonie rocks! So does the GREAT Girls and Golf Program! I know this program will help me reach my dream of being an LPGA Touring Pro and help me be the best person I can be while I am doing it!  Lauren Howe (Coach Nonie) is the best coach I could ask for—she’s fun to be around, loves golf and helping girls succeed.

Lauren Lehigh

GREAT Girl Ambassador


The substantial costs for juniors to excel at the game can be overwhelming. GREAT Girls and Golf can assist with travel costs, tournament and coaching fees, etc. (in accordance with NCAA and USGA guidelines.)

It is our goal to have multiple scholarships available starting in 2017.

This one’s for the girls!

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