Board of Directors/Founders

President, Director of Development and Co-Founder:

GREAT Girls and Golf CEO and FounderLauren Howe “Coach Nonie”

LPGA Tour Division and T&CP Member

Lauren Howe has always been curious about how things, especially life, works. It’s no mistake her last name is Howe!

Lauren became a champion at an early age. She was winning golf tournaments by age nine. Her fast track to the LPGA Tour included winning city championships at age 13, state tournaments by age 15 and national and international championships by age 16. Lauren graduated from high school a year early so she could have a year of college competition under her belt by the time she was 18 and eligibility to try for the tour. She then became the youngest winner of the LPGA Qualifying School.

Lauren "Coach Nonie" Howe, LPGA Tour Division and T&CP Member, GREAT Girls and Golf CEO and FounderWhile spending 13 years on tour, Lauren won and had numerous Top 10 finishes. But what shaped her most from the tour was her exposure to champion’s from all facets of life. As Lauren interacted with great athletes, captains of industry, actors, politicians and other successful people, she was always questioning them about what made them successful. While there are many ways to get to the top of your field, certain things kept showing up. Lauren’ s quest is to continue finding the most effective ways to help people achieve their dreams. She is a great synthesizer of information and an excellent communicator. Lauren’s knowledge, heart and humor make her an incredibly fun and effective coach!

Lauren is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Associative Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Passion Test Facilitator. Lauren was also voted Player of the Year in 1978 & 1983 and Person of the Year in 1983 by the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame.

Chairman, Executive Director and Co-Founder:

Sandy King

When Sandy read through Lauren Howe’s GREAT Girls and Golf instruction materials, Lauren’s 3-D philosophy of the HEAD . HEART . GAME approach to golf, and life, jumped off the page. Her belief is that champions are masters at balancing these different natures.  When Sandy talks about making GREAT Girls a reality, “I have such a love for golf, from reading about it, watching it, striving to improve with lessons and lots of practice, playing and competing, but having the opportunity to work alongside Lauren to help girls who aspire to play the game of golf and compete is a dream come true.”

Sandy brings to GREAT Girls an entrepreneurial spirit and diverse background in the corporate world in process/project/people management, technical sales, business development, product implementation, and in music as a singer and songwriter.  She is also a certified Passion Test facilitator and will be helping the girls link their passions to making GREAT choices, and will share her knowledge of Vision54 “the golfer as a whole person” philosophy.

“I am blessed with so many GREAT girls in my life—my mom, 2 sisters, 2 daughters, 3 stepdaughters (my husband is so outnumbered!), friends, mentors, business associates, and look forward to meeting more GREAT Girls!”

Member, Board of Directors:

Pam Wettig

Pam’s contributions to the GREAT Girls and Golf organization are endless. She is well-educated in athletics with a B.S. in Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and a Masters in Athletic Administration. Throughout her career, she has worn many hats, from Athletic Director, to Head Coach for Women’s Basketball, to Vice President of Operations for the Olympic Village and numerous Olympic Sports. An athlete herself, she has competed in triathlons, the Chicago Marathon, and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and many of Colorado’s fourteeners.

Her list of awards includes Conference Coach of the Year at both Miami and Iowa State Universities, the NCAA Women’s Basketball Administrator of the Year, and induction into Miami University’s Cradle of Coaches and Hall of Fame.

Pam stands out as a results-oriented leader with the poise, directness and understanding to manage any situation, and to be an admirable role model for her fellow Board members, GREAT Girls and golf participants, sponsors and staff.