EDUCATIONAL:  Providing a 3-D approach to golf, and to life

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CHARITABLE:   Providing funds for scholarships, and financial support for tournament fees, travel costs, instruction and mentoring to help young girls realize their potential as golfers, and in life.

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Why GREAT Girls?

At GREAT Girls and Golf, through the leadership and instruction of Lauren Howe, LPGA Champion, and co-founder Sandy King, we are dedicated to providing today’s upcoming female golfers with the building blocks to become a Champion for Life — whether through our customized, comprehensive training programs, or financial support for access to mentors, specialized workshops, scholarships, or competitions.

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Coach Nonie with the GREAT Girls

A Proven 3-D Approach to the Game



GREAT thinking is a learned skill—it’s how you make GREAT choices for your golf and for your life! The quality of your choices determines the quality of your experiences! This is also where you create GREAT Strategies to overcome hurdles to give you your best chance for success! Having GREAT Systems in place that have been customized to fit you and having the ability to take control through GREAT Knowledge are tools that will make your dreams come true! Become a GREAT Thinker and you will take charge of your future!

Thinking – Strategies – Systems – Knowledge

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Laser Your Focus - Golf & Life


Your Heart is the biggest key to you reaching your dreams and having a blast doing it! Your Heart is all about what you want and how you feel! Digging deep and being aware of what you truly desire is what keeps you motivated, committed and focused to push through the tough times. Your ability to perform consistently and at your best is based on your ability to manage your emotions. This too, is a learned skill. When you become a “Power Shifter” and learn the simple process of how to “Champ It Up”, you will be able to tap into your inner champion at will!

Desire – Motivation – Commitment – Champ it Up – Believe in Yourself

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Why is GREAT Girls for you?


Your Game is when you put all that you have learned and committed to into action! This is when you are in performance mode. To have GREAT Game, you must incorporate and balance the Head and Heart aspects with GREAT skills, the ability to manage your body, and have the proper equipment to support your quest. Taking your game to the course can also be your GREATest teacher! This is only true when you learn not to judge yourself harshly and look for the lesson in the struggle! Remember, for champions, there is no such thing as losing! There is only winning and learning!

Skills – Fitness/Nutrition – Supportive Equipment

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The Charitable Side of GREAT Girls and Golf

In order to accomplish our goal of financially supporting upcoming, young female golfers, GREAT Girls and Golf is now a non-profit corporation with (501(c)3 status. Through our fundraising efforts, the generosity of the golf community and our sponsors, we will be able to provide scholarships and financial support for golf fundamentals to physical fitness programs that can take the girls to the next level and beyond.

A Word from Coach Nonie

“Through competing against and training some of the best female golfers and major contributors to golf who have ever played the game, I have been able to observe and learn the strengths, strategies, motivational techniques and winning attitudes that have made them champions.  Our dream in creating the GREAT Girls and Golf program is to share that knowledge and do what we can to provide a fast track for young girl golfers to be GREAT Golfers and GREAT Girls! The 3-D approach became a reality in 2016 and we are now in the process of bringing the charitable piece to life!”
– Lauren Howe, LPGA Champion, GREAT Girls and Golf

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